An integrated photovoltaic
in-roof panel system.

Developed by installers for installers.

  • Certified conception and design.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Installation in portrait and landscape format.
  • Ensures a perfect and durable watertightness.
  • Compatible with 95% of the framed modules on the market.
  • Non-flame propagator.
  • Optimised ventilation to maximise PV station production.


Certified and guaranteed for 15 years

Designed and manufactured in France, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is reliable and watertight. Tested in extreme conditions, the product is certified by various European bodies.

Totally watertight system

PV system and roof guaranteed to be totally watertight.

Most aesthetic

When replacing tiles or slates, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM provides the best aesthetic integration of solar panels in roofs with no surplus thickness.


  • Adapts to all sloping roofs and the majority of photovoltaic solar panels on the market.
  • Our 40 panel references allow the integration of panels ranging from 808mm wide to 1780mm high and will continue to evolve in 2022 to accompany new solar cell technologies.
  • Integration system available for the major roof window brands: VELUX, ROTO, FAKRO.
    See the integration of roof windows with the GSE Integration mounting system.
  • GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM offers the possibility of choosing photovoltaic modules with technologies that best suit your projects and integrating them in portrait or landscape format in the roof, including when roof windows are fitted.


The most economical BIPV system on the market, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is the most competitive and certified building integrated solution for residential new builds.

Reliable and resistant

  • The GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM has been designed to offer the same resistance and longevity as normal roof coverings like tiles, slates or zinc.
  • Very important mechanical resistance, compatible with all snow and wind zones:
    – Downward pressure: 5400 Pa (IEC 61215)
    – Upward pressure: up to 5500 Pa (NF EN 12179)

    Eurocode design values: Snow: 1800 Pa, Wind: 1700 Pa
  • Impact resistance: the quality of the polypropylene used in the French manufacturing plants and the multiple tests at the CSTB have proven the durability of the system.
  • GSE Intégration benefits from the know-how of its parent company TERREAL which consolidates over 150 years of experience and expertise in the manufacture of tiles.

Operational advantages when fitting

  • With no risk of error, the patented system is assembled by interlocking the various parts, which fit together precisely without cutting or joining
  • Quick to use: 8- to 16-module system installed in a day
  • Lightweight (2,5 to 3,5 kg/m²) and easy to transport
  • Flexible, adapts to all roofing configurations
    • The system may be installed in portrait or landscape format.
    • All types of desired configuration (U-shaped, pyramid, etc.)
    • Specific flashing developed for the technical needs of different markets.

Planning & Support

If you would like to take advantage of our planning support, you can:

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