New EV Charger Regulations

Monday, 8 August 2022

With electric “SMART” cars becoming more popular and more common by the day, EV chargers will soon be the lifeline of our transport. Now, in the wake of our newfound energy provider, the British government has introduced a new set of guidelines and regulations that monitor exactly how we should use our EV chargers as well as how much energy we should be putting into our cars; to ensure we are using our EV chargers safely and responsibly…and to make sure we don’t blow our circuit boards!

EV chargers will power our future

Myenergi is one of the largest suppliers powering our “SMART” cars, and with their new Zappi eco smart EV charging points, they have made it even easier for you to charge your car. The Zappi eco smart EV charging points now fall under the new government guidelines monitoring how much electricity we can put into our cars and at what time. 

The guidelines come after an increase in purchases of electric cars caused several circuit boards around the country to trip as a result of too many EV’s being charged at one time. Before the guidelines, people would usually charge their cars up at night, naturally, and unplug them in the morning. But, because there are now more electric vehicles on our roads than ever before, more electricity is being used at one time. The new government guidelines have introduced an energy cap for EV chargers both commercial and domestic. This means that the Zappi eco smart charging points will only enable changing if there is enough energy available in the surrounding area; preventing blackouts and circuit boards from tripping.

The regulations apply to all EV chargers sold in England, Scotland, and Wales past the 30th of June 2022. The regulations do not apply however to Northern Ireland and any EV charger sold before 30th of June 2022. 

Even though "SMART" cars are being spotted more and more on our roads, we still have a long way to go in terms of making them our permanent form of transport. You can help this become a reality sooner, with the help of the Zappi eco-smart charging points.

For more information about being smart charge ready, you can visit the government website 

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